For Recruiters


You’re welcome to recruit in this slack. However, we have a few specific requests

If someone asks you not to contact them, stop immediately. Not doing so is harassment and is not allowed by our code of conduct.

It’d be amazing if you actually participated in the community as a person. Generally people are much more receptive to other queer folks who participate in their space than outsiders trying merely to recruit here.

Make use of the #jobs channel and spreadsheet pinned there. People seeking jobs look there first.

Advertising unpaid internships is absolutely not permitted; if you are hiring for an intern, you must pay them a living wage.

Please be aware of biases in hiring and do your best to help counter them. Extend your reach past the easy-to-hire white, male, cisgender senior engineers. Also bear in mind that not everyone here is from the US or can work there. We’re glad you’re here, and if you treat this community with respect, you can be making a mutually beneficial difference for both your recruitment and our community.

Thank you!

Job Ads

All job ads - by any community member, in any channel - must include:

Job posts with discriminatory or illegal content will be deleted when they are reported. Community members will often be willing to give advice on how to correct the issues and re-post.